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About the musical

Galileo The Musical is the story of a man with greatness reluctantly thrust upon him. It’s also the story of desperate unfairness – here was a scientist who could mathematically and observationally prove his theories, among others, that the Earth went around the sun, yet the all-powerful Church punished him and others for holding these "heretical" beliefs.   


Musically, it features mainly rock themes and instrumentation.  Galileo will appeal to rock fans with solid riffs, searing guitar lines and on some tracks, a pretty heavy touch in the mixing studio.  There are also style nods to classic and progressive rock bands ranging including Led Zeppelin, Genesis and Deep Purple. However, the musical won’t scare away mainstream pop fans as many of the songs are commercial and melodic soft rock compositions.

The writer is Peter Baker, who was the rock DJ on Manchester's Piccadilly Radio for many years, after which he became a TV broadcaster, producer and voiceover artist.  Peter has always been a lifelong fan of Galileo and astronomy in general.  "I was the first in school to get an "O" level in Astronomy, just learning it on my own, and I built my own reflecting telescope as a kid too!" says Peter.  "The Galileo story is amazing, and at last this is a musical for science and maths geeks, but will appeal to a wide audience and age range!"  The songs and the story narration tracks are available both on CD and downloads.


GALILEO THE MUSICAL is a true historical story made more engaging by quirky humour and great songs.


The existing “Hitchhiker’s Guide” style narration could be reduced / replaced by traditional libretto if required. 


It will appeal to a wide audience of all ages, even those that “don’t like musicals”.

It’s a fascinating story, with a satisfying ending.

It is packed with commercially appealing songs in the rock and pop genres.

The central character Galileo sings in most songs, so the work could be performed by an established rock group with the main vocalist playing him and guests the other characters.


Galileo - Steve Butler

Marina - Shuba

Cosimo - Kyle

Narrator, Pope and Inquisitor - Peter Baker

Other parts played by the cast

Special thanks to Supreme Tracks, New York

Words, music and recording by Peter Baker © 2020

Software used:

Steinberg Cubase 10 Pro

Miroslav Philharmonik

Orange Tree Evolution Infinity Guitar

Orange Tree Songwriter Guitar

UJAM IRON guitar

UJAM ROWDY bass guitar

G Force M-Tron Pro

Native Instruments Vintage Organ

Contact : Peter Baker -  


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